Welcome. Here I post about activities that are not directly related to my current work profile.


Older Published Articles

Here are some published articles that I have written several years ago


1. A Playground for Honing Financial Skills  (June 02 2011, published in Mint)
2. Picking up the Investment Habit at an Early Age (May 15 2011, published in Mint but not on website anymore)


Letters to the Editor

1. Some Divergent Numbers  (May 22 2014, published in Business Standard)


Adventures of Assam

The image on the right shows how traditional products were being transformed to suit the market. Below are some links that share details about my experiences working in rural Assam, along with some information about the community I was working with:

1. How I Uncovered a Strange Truth in Assam, One That Could Change the Lives of its Women (April 15, 2016, published in Youth ki Awaz): narrates how I came across the idea of working with handloom weavers
2. Gamocha from Assam (May 7 2016): some information about the handloom weaving culture in the area
3. Report on Handloom Weavers in Assam(August 2016): Complete report on my work in Assam.

Transforming traditional products for the contemporary market

The project continues to run without my direct supervision. However, I am involved and do give advice, suggestions, and help to the weavers occasionally.
If you wish to know more, contribute, or volunteer for this project, feel free to drop a line. The links to contact me are all on the right-hand side of this page, under the tab of ‘Getting in Touch’. If you would like to purchase some of the clothes that the handloom weavers are making, contact – HandsofIndia!